Student engagement

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Your students know you better than you might think.

Fostering positive relationships between adults and students in schools and among peers is a constant challenge but, at the same time, a critical factor in student engagement. Our interactive workshops offer an invaluable opportunity to give students their voice, introduce them to the world of work and provide real life learning experiences.

“Through effective pupil participation, schools give young people the opportunity to
develop critical thinking, advocacy and influencing skills, helping every child fulfil their potential.”  Working Together, DCSF

Student workshops

Our team will spend time with your students offering them the opportunity to identify what’s special about your school from their perspective. Our interactive workshops involve and engage young minds in the creative process. Our team then uses this valuable insight to define imagery, style and tone of voice in your school communications.

Trust in Youth

Building on our successful student workshops, Trust in Youth is an exciting and unique opportunity for young people to gain hands-on experience of our work supporting leading organisations. This is available completely free of charge to all of our partner schools.

After completing a formal application process and joining the panel, successful students work closely with Words&Pictures on high-profile, real-life briefs including the development of large-scale youth engagement campaigns, smartphone apps, films and websites.

This approach helps Words&Pictures’ Commercial clients to gain insights into the aspirations and motivations of young people, and provides support for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

In return for their commitment and contribution, students receive an achievement certificate for their portfolio, ongoing support and mentoring from the team at Words&Pictures (depending on their interest), further work experience opportunities, testimonials and references where required.


“Words&Pictures are evidently in touch with what students want and how to deliver to any young demographic at the highest level. The planning process is always smooth and teachers do not need to be overly media savvy as W&P supports the school at every stage from idea to production.”
Central Foundation Girls’ School