What’s your story?

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten” – Rudyard Kipling

The fact that we all know Peter could never grow up and The Tin Man so desperately wanted a heart isn’t surprising when we think about how we learnt it. We know this from stories. The sparkling Emerald City and the mysteries of Neverland are forever embedded in our minds because of the stories we were told before bed.

What do I remember most from my school days?

It was probably the trips, extracurricular activities and the evident passion from teachers – everything that set my school aside from the school down the road.

I’m sure ex-students of schools up and down the country share this same nostalgia. Is it now time to get your school’s story published to the parents, the local community and the family new to the area looking for a new school? Ask yourself who is aware of and can recite your school’s ethos?  Who knows about the great things happening every day in your school?

So, how does this relate to both your school and our company? Simple, we’ll provide you with the professional tools to share your school’s successes, latest news and opportunities – in other words, your school’s story.

We will learn exactly how you position your school, how you interact with the local community and how you wish to build or develop your school’s brand.

Whether it is a corporate identity or your artistic flare you want to celebrate, our expert designers will create exciting and memorable communications for you to share.

By also providing engaging and innovative workshops for pupils your communications will benefit from authentic student voice and your pupils from an insight into the world of work.

Going back to the Mr Kipling quote; we all know children love a good story but let’s not forget parents were once children, a prospective teacher once sat crossed legged listening to an exciting story and who in your local community doesn’t love a bit of gossip?

Working as a team with Words&Pictures your school’s story can be presented to your students, parents, staff and the community in ways you maybe didn’t think possible.


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