Very pleased to meet you


Last year was a good year.

In the last 12 months Words&Pictures (Education) have developed many more positive relationships with schools across the country. In partnership with these schools we’ve produced stunning pieces of work right across our portfolio, helping schools to communicate their values, ethos and personalities to all their stakeholders.

What stands out in my mind, however, as I reflect on the year are some of the school leaders I’ve met.

Over the last 9 years I’ve had the opportunity to visit literally hundreds of schools across the country. What I’ve observed is, more often than not, schools seem to directly reflect the personality of their leaders.

On a number of these occasions I’ve been privileged, moved and inspired by some of the Headteachers and school leaders I’ve met.

Inspirational leadership takes many forms. In some cases a Head’s deep-rooted affection for their school is worn on their sleeve and is clearly evident to all. In others, the Head is a force of nature whose unbridled energy is always driving the school forward. And, in others, their unceasing determination and dedication is transforming the school experience and redefining perceptions.

So, whilst I’m excited by the year ahead, as Words&Pictures (Education) continues to grow and push forward the quality and creativity of school communications, I also know I’ll be fortunate enough to meet many more school leaders. Leaders who are driving positive change for the young people under their stewardship and the wider communities that their schools serve.


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