This year things are going to change

As ever at the start of the new year the media is awash with articles regarding new year resolutions.

The majority of pieces offer advice on exercise plans, healthy eating and encouraging abstinence of one form or another. This is counteracted (or often contradicted) by a smaller, yet more persuasive, number of pieces that argue that the dark, cold and (let’s face it) depressing days of January are really  not the best time to diet or exercise more as all our natural instincts are pushing us towards eating comfort food and hibernating.

One article that took a different line argued that if we resolve to do anything at all at this time of year, then we should commit to taking the time to meditate and genuinely reflect on where we are.

This struck me as sound, logical advice as before taking any new, significant actions it would seem prudent to understand where you are, decide where you want to get to and then resolve on the actions required to bridge the gap.

The importance of reflection is why Words and Pictures developed the Communications Awareness Toolkit (

Our Toolkit helps you reflect on the now: who are you successfully communicating with and what are you successfully communicating. A clear, honest, view of your current situation provides a great starting point for a conversation about where you want to go and then how you will get there. As the Toolkit benchmarks your current situation it also provides a mechanism to measure progress and return on investment.

In education, with limited resources of time and money, schools cannot achieve everything they want to achieve in terms of their communications all at once. Therefore, if you are looking to effect change this year, it is important to make decisions based on reflection and with demonstrable outcomes.


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