It’s all about…

I have worked at Words&Pictures for around 6 weeks and I would like to share with you what I have experienced and picked up over this short period of time. None of what I am about to share with you has been part of any training session, it has all been picked up through observation and school feedback. I have written in the third person, as an outsider looking in.

W&P strive to deliver outstanding communications through understanding the ethos of a school and then representing it in its truest form. The question W&P always ask is “What do you want to achieve?” Are you trying to attract new students and parents to open evenings? Are you looking for a vehicle to deliver messages to the community, or a way to shout from the roof tops about successes? No school’s message is the same as another. W&P’s goal is to create a bespoke message from within the school community, to tell the story of your school. Creativity comes from the belief in something we love and enjoy, which is why they include children of all ages in the process. They believe the best people to promote a school are those who live it day by day.

Pictures paint a thousand words and appeal to all cultures and ages. This is why W&P put pictures at the heart of their work. Natural shots of children enjoying learning that capture the atmosphere of the school take centre stage. The photographers at W&P have produced outstanding pictures for educational communications for many years. They have even been known to disappear up a tree to get that million dollar shot.

Schools have complete trust and faith in knowing that W&P are working with them on their communications. W&P have been working in close partnership with schools and colleges throughout the UK for almost two decades. This is what they do, and their passion, heritage, experience and transparent methods reflect this. You will soon discover that it’s never about them, their expertise is to interpret, not tell, after all, it’s your school.

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