A day in the life of a Client Manager…

“You did English at uni, didn’t you?”


“And now you do marketing for schools?”


“But you don’t take the photos?”


“And you don’t write the words?”


“And someone else does the design?”


“So, what’s a Client Manager?”


And so the explanation of my job role, one I’ve relished for the past 12 years, comes in to question again. As the voice of the client in the studio, my primary role is to see a project from conception to delivery, keeping it on track and making sure that the school is 100% happy. Over the years I’ve worked on more than 500 projects and no two days are the same. Here’s an insight in to a week in my life…


An early start kicks off the week, and I’m on the road before 7am heading to a meeting at a school in the Midlands with their marketing manager. We plan the latest edition of their termly news magazine, celebrating all the good things that they and their students are doing, with an outline of the contents for this edition and a chat through timescales of how we’re going to get from here to the printed copies. Quick petrol stop then it’s back to the office to do some planning with the team.


Another early one, this time to spend the day working on a promotional film for an academy in the north east. I’m supporting the film crew, working out where we’re heading next and carrying equipment around the building. When I get home at 6pm, I nod off on the sofa for an hour – that was a long day! 


Today I’m in London, meeting two girls’ schools to kick off their news magazines. One produces an annual arts review of the past year, the other is a termly magazine with articles written by the students. Once I’ve written up my meeting notes on the train back, I catch up on the latest book I’m reading. 


A full day in the office catching up on notes, booking photo shoots and preparing the first proof of a prospectus to send to a school in Lancashire.


It’s time for a trip to Birmingham to kick off a primary school prospectus. The creative workshops with the pupils are the best – children are so honest, they tell it how it is. It’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to a couple of days off. But next week? I’ll be ready to do it all again.

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